February 2017 archive

Bullhorns Safety Tip : Plan how you want to React

If you’re a victim of a crime, try to stay calm and co-operate. Every crime and every criminal is different. This makes it difficult to be specific in terms of advice. What is always true is that we make better decisions when we remain calm, when you panic you cannot think clearly. And the best …

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Bullhorns Safety Tip : Getting the most out of your Armed Response

Here’s the logic: you can’t put a price on your family’s safety so you pay a massive amount every month for armed response. This brings some peace of mind and hopefully helps keep the bad guys away, but are they working as hard for you as they could? Here are some tips to make sure …

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Bullhorns Safety Tip : Deterrence is the best form of Attack

Put yourself into the shoes of a prospective criminal for a second. You’re about to break into someone’s property. Your life and liberty are at risk. Would you leap over that wall without thinking what might be waiting for you on the other side? Of course not. Most attacks on residential properties are not opportunistic …

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WhatsApp Rollout

We are currently in the process of migrating from SMS Alert system to a new fast & efficient  WhatsApp Broadcast system.   Please ensure that your annual contributions are up to date to ensure you are added to this new alerts platform.  Click Here to Sign-Up