Bullhorns Safety Tip : Deterrence is the best form of Attack

Put yourself into the shoes of a prospective criminal for a second. You’re about to break into someone’s property. Your life and liberty are at risk. Would you leap over that wall without thinking what might be waiting for you on the other side? Of course not.

Most attacks on residential properties are not opportunistic but are highly planned. So you need to do what you can to convince the bad guys that you are not an easy target and that they should go and pick on someone else.

•How does your visible security compare with your neighbours? Walls? Height of walls? Electric fence? CCTV?

•If you have armed response or belong to a neighbourhood watch scheme, make sure their signage is clearly displayed.

•If you have dogs make sure that everyone knows you have dogs. For example a sign on the front of the property or keep them in the front garden if this is visible (although this may increase the risk of poisoning). If they don’t already, consider making them sleep outside. Dogs are a major deterrent to criminals. If people visit your house, make sure they see your dogs but if your dogs are friendly, don’t allow them to experience that.

•Add a spotlight to your front wall. Solar-powered lights are cheap and easy to install. If you are so well equipped here, the criminal may think, then you’ve almost certainly got a top of the range security system with camera etc.

•Add something to make them think again. Criminals hate uncertainty… they like to think they can predict outcomes. If you add, for example, a flashing red light to the front of your wall or house this may cause them to think again. They needn’t know it might be “dumb” and be unconnected to anything else.