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“Mulbarton Community Forum, bringing the community together, providing belonging, family unity as well as safety and a sense of pride to our suburb.” – MCF Committee.

Welcome to the Mulbarton Community Forum (MCF). We fall part of the Mondeor Sector 1 Community Policing Forum and are here to make you aware of crime trends in Mulbarton as well as enable you to communicate with the CPF and the South African Police Service, keep you abreast of what’s going on in the community and provide a platform to communicate to all Mulbarton residents.

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Rest in Peace Lucky Masomela -

This morning a D&D Tactical supervisor was shot and killed outside Mall of the South on Swartkoppies Drive. There is an active investigation and we shall not say much about the incident. Let us give investigators the space they need to investigate.

Lucky was well known to all policemen, CPF patrollers, security and residents in this area. He was a formidable crime fighter and had many successes under his belt. I always said Lucky could spot a crook a mile away like nobody else. He could hone in on a suspect like a heat seeking misile.

Lucky was a regular at most crime scenes in the area and he was always available to help in any emergency situation, regardless of whether those he was helping was a client or not. A man with a big heart, capable and he always carried a smile.

I remember him most as a friend though. I shall miss your impromptu visits to my office for a cup of coffee and to talk about crime (and the weekends soccer). I shall miss the way you locked yourself in the car when you see my Rottweiller and have a laugh about it. I will miss your call "brother Mike what's happening there".... I always knew when Lucky was around I had backup....the whole CPF felt the same way.

Lucky cared about his job, he cared about his clients and he cared about fighting crime in this community. Ultimately he gave his life for it. Our community, our precinct, has been deprived of one of its favorite sons, taken so savagely. His absence will be felt.

Lucky leaves behind a bereaved wife and three children. We can't bring their husband and father back but we can care about them the same way Lucky cared about this community. Let us help his family the same way he helped us. I have requested the CPF executive in this area to approve a monetary donation to the family to help them during their time of need. More importantly we must support this family emotionally.

You will be missed by many my brother from another mother......so long my friend. Rest in peace my brother.

GV3 - Mike Fontes
Mondeor Sector 1 Crime Forum

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It's an extremely sad day.

Rest in peace solider!


We are devastated to announce that our Operations Manager Lucky sadly passed away this morning after suffering a gunshot wound. Lucky was no mere employee but the heart & soul of D&D Tactical's Operations and a 9 year long member of what we call Family. God Bless you Oscar Mike! You will be dearly missed

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Patroller Intake - all residents interested in joining our community patroller core please contact us:-

Glenvista GV3 082 8735600
GV4 076 8988011

Bassonia GV3 & GV4 above

Mulbarton MB1 083 4422777
MB2 082 3334108
MB 14 082 3370121

Glenanda GS1 082 9908359

Be the eyes and ears of the community. Come out on a patrol with our experienced patrollers and see if community patrolling is for you

Be Safe - GV3

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Regarding power outage.

Fault 9015936: Mulbarton 88/11kV SS Trf 1 11kV Inc tripped 18-02-2018 09:21

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*Mondeor Sector 1 (Glenvista, Mulbarton, Bassonia, Glenanda South, Liefde-en-vrede) Festive Season Crime Overview*

I am pleased to report that we experienced an overall decline in crimes in our area over the festive season measured over December 2017 and January 2018.

Residential burglaries, business robberies, theft of motor vehicle and theft out of motor vehicles all showed significant declines compared to the 2016/7 period.

Armed Robbery at residential premises and business burglaries remained unchanged.

I attribute the general decline in crime to an aggressive SAPS festive season program from precinct, cluster and provincial level. There were a number of break throughs leading to arrests of very active house robbers by Mondeor SAPS and CPF community patrollers that had a suppressing effect on crime. High resident awareness is also a contributor as our residents have made it a difficult environment for criminals to operate in.

Armed robberies at residential properties remains a concern as it was unchanged. Car hijackings, the only crime to show an increase, more than tripled from the 2016/7 period. This trend was not only felt in this sector but also neighbouring precincts and is a regional trend as opposed to a local trend only.

I have briefed CPF members to adapt their activities to focus on anti-hijacking operations this quarter. There is also a joint SAPS initiative to target this new threat the details of which are obviously confidential.

Most hijackings in our area occur around sunset and I urge all residents to be especially vigilant during these times as they arrive home from the shops, work or gym.

I thank all residents, Security companies, community patrollers, SAPS and JMPD members that participated in our festive season anti-crime operations. We are already working hard on the Easter Anti-crime drive and look forward to reducing crime even further.

Remember you live in a beautiful area and one if the safest precincts in Gauteng.

Mike Fontes
Mondeor Sector 1 Crime Forum - Mondeor SAPS area CPF

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Domestic Watch 2018 is up and running.
*Come and join*
Next Meeting 15 February at 10am at Glenvista Checkers Centre(by the metal stairs by the vegetable shop side).
R50 donation
Topic: Dustbin day and Meter readers.
*All Welcome*

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Avoid Rosettenville / Centro intersection. Protest actions underway. Be safe. ...

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*Missing Person :*

*UPDATE - Scott has been found - no further details. Thanks to all involved.

Name: Scott patrick Guignet
Age : 50 years old

Driving a Silver nissan pathfinder 2014 model
Reg : HZT020EC
Tracker picked up the signal vanderbijl park

*Missing Case no :*
Case 02/02/2018. Any information. Contact detectives at Mondeor Saps. 011 433 5400. (DET. CST. MAFUMANI)

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*For the urgent attention of all residents of _Glenanda South_*

An application has been submitted for a residential township in the Glenanda and Glenvista area, Johannesburg. The property is located to the east of Klip River Drive, also bordering Klip River Drive. Access is gained to the site from Van Beek Avenue. The Klip River Drive and Van Beek Avenue intersection is located 100 m to the west of the northern boundary. Bordering the site on the north-western corner is a Virgin Active fitness centre. To the west, on the other side of Klip River Drive, is the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. The proposed residential development is planned with a density of 90-95 units per hectare, on Portion 86 of the Farm Rietvlei 101 IR. The development will also entail an educational facility near the access to the site.

In our opinion, this application should be *strongly* opposed and by ALL residents for, among others, the following reasons:

• The Glenanda School cannot accept more children as it is already full to capacity.
• Our suburb will be used as a throughway and all roads will become far busier.
• At the intersection of Rolene and Glen Road, during peak periods, vehicles already battle to enter onto Van Beek.
• Maintenance of roads are already poor and cannot handle increased volumes of vehicles.
• Water and sanitation infrastructure is already under severe pressure.
• This area is in a green belt.
• Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve will be affected.
• Flora and fauna will suffer.
• Taxi ranks are known points of extra litter. Pikitup already gives no attention to existing concrete dustbin in Vorster Avenue.

Community participation in opposing this matter, is of the utmost importance for each and every home owner – for obvious reasons.

Your comments should be sent directly to Bokamoso, attention: Mary-Lee van Zyl or Juanita de Beer (reception@bokamoso.net or fax: 086 570 5659).

*The cut-off date for objections, is 16 February 2018.*

A copy of the report will be available at:
Glenanda Library, corner Vorster Avenue and Surmon Avenue, Glenanda, tel: 011 682 1614.

Alternatively download from:

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www.facebook.com/vsu.mondeor.sector.one/posts/2062926833952228 ...

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