About Us

Welcome to the Mulbarton Community Forum (MCF).
We fall part of the Mondeor Sector 1 Community Policing Forum and are here to make you aware of crime trends in Mulbarton as well as enable you to communicate with the CPF and the South African Police Service, keep you abreast of what’s going on in the community and provide a platform to communicate to all Mulbarton residents. We can only succeed if we have the help and support of all the residents in Mulbarton.
We trust that you will find this site of great use and that it is informative. We look forward to working with you and for you in the coming months as we work to keep our families safe from the surge of crime that we have become so accustomed to. Together we can make a difference.
Please feel free to send any comments, suggestions or queries regarding this website to info@mulbartonccommunityforum .co.za as your input is of great value to us in allowing us to serve you in the best way possible.
The Mulbarton Community Forum was started in November 2008 and was founded by Bruce Strachan was a reservist police Inspector and served in the Mondeor policing community since he joined Mondeor Police Station as a reservist in 1982.
The forming of this forum was as a result of the high crime rate in the area and there became a need for the community to get involved and to take a stand against crime. In May 2009 Sean Furstenberg was made Chairman of the Mulbarton Community Forum and has committed to making a difference in the area and is the driving force behind the forum backed by the dedicated committee members and residents of Mulbarton.
To date, we have over 240 members on board with more than 60 house boards up in the area. We are already making an impact on the community and the safety in the area by getting the police involved very closely with all the security companies in the area and effectively driving out crime. Although this is a huge task, as a community and by standing together we are now starting to turn things around and are starting to be noticed by criminals operating in the area.
We have a residents meeting at the St Pauls Church in Tehore Str, Mulabrton held quarterly where we discuss certain issues facing the community and also the progress of projects that are on the go. We would like to encourage all our residents to get involved and join us at these meetings where there will be a representative from the police present so that we can make Mulbarton a safer place for you and your families.
Our Vision:

The primary objective shall be to promote a partnership between the community and the local police and to create an environment that will promote effective local policing that is user-friendly and able to recommend to the South African Police Service measures for accomplishing these aims.

Our Mission:

To ensure the safety of all people in the Mulbarton area, through community involvement and the rendering of professional services.

Our Objectives:

Our objectives are all put in place to ensure that once achieved they will benefit the entire community and make Mulbarton a safe place for our children and our families to live and play.

1. Crime free area
2. Satellite police station
3. Road closures
4. Zones and zone leaders – Divide Mulbarton up into smaller zones with dedicated leaders for each
5. House boards and safe houses
6. Surveillance cameras
7. Dedicated security company