Message From The Chairman

Dear Residents, MCF and CPF Members,

I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank all members of the Mulbarton Community Forum and our Community Policing Forum for their persistent and dedicated selflessly assistance while giving of their personal time support the Mulbarton Community as a whole, I want to also take this opportunity to personally thank all the residents that have continually supported us during previous years and this year as well.
It has been a busy 2017 to date with our MCF and our local CPF being committed to assisting in making a positive difference for our communities through numerous events and projects as listed below:
• The MCF Committee donated 600 books to our Public Library in Glenanda.
• MCF assisted with a clean-up of our Kibler Park Fire Station.
• The MCF hosted various blood drives on a 58 day cycle throughout the year.
• Initiated an ongoing awareness drive to “Introduce your Neighbors” to assist in growing the support of our community safety as a whole.
• Multimedia upgrades on our MCF community website, facebook page and a welcomed What’s App based notification for contributing members of our community.
For your information, the MCF and local CPF as a nonprofit organization rely solely on donations and your related much appreciated and needed contributions, as these are put to good use to subsidize and pay for related expenses, to cover expenses incurred for subsidizing necessary training, community communications mechanisms and also various community driven projects.

We are currently in the process of adding an annual advertising facility on our website for contributing local businesses at an annual cost of R1200.00 per year (the first 5 local businesses to sign up will get the facility for a reduced R1000.00 for the first year.)
With the end of 2017 upon us it is that time of the year again with November and December being a prefer period for your welcomed contributions towards an annual subscription and or contributions that are set at an annual once payment of R300-00. Below please find banking details: this will allow for us to budget and set aside the required funds to assist with identified projects that will benefit the community as a whole, the MCF and local CPF definitely appreciate your support, contributions and/or donations into:

Bank: FNB
Account name: Mulbarton Community Forum
Account number: 62750250731
Branch Code: 250655
Type: Cheque Account

We are currently maintaining and updating our related community data base and will appreciate your co-operation, please register, confirm and or supply us with your current details by sending them through to us at our e-mail address:

Please visit us at: to sign up, add comments and your welcomed feedback.

“Here’s wishing you and your families a peaceful and well deserved rest over the festive season and also a Healthy and Prosperous 2018”
For and on behalf of Our MCF and local CPF
Craig Tsakos